Tamiko Tominaga depicts the instability in human relationships as well as existence in this world. The figures in her paintings are always caught in a passionate moment, but it never seems as though it is truly heated. There is a certain distance between the artist and the subjects she paints, and this distance is what draws viewers to observe the paintings more. If the artist was more drawn into what the figures in the paintings are doing, the painting itself would leave no room for viewers to reflect themselves.

.Another strong element of her paintings is the vibrant colors which spread around the bodies of her subjects like a life energy. This can be accredited to Tamiko’s life dedication in practicing yoga. Her observation of the human body while practicing yoga has given her perspective of how vibrating energy fields can be created around a person.



From around 2015 My interest came to " Who am I?" "What is the meaning of LIFE?" " After the physical bodies finished where do we go? After death is nothing left?" "What is the meaning of our being living?" I tried to explore to find the answers thinking about 5 elements(fire, water, wind and earth and so on), universe, dimensions and so on. So I came interested in modern physics. Then I explore and express my thoughts about them by my artistic vision and imagination.







2015年あたりからは「私は誰なのか?」「生きている意味は何なのか?」「肉体が滅びたあと私たちはどこへ行くのか? 何もなくなってしまうのか?」そういう疑問を五行(火、水、土、風など)次元、宇宙 そして現代物理学から考え始めました。 それをアーティスティックなヴィジョンと想像力で探求、表現している。



Tamiko Tominaga